About Us

Little Forest Soap is a handmade soap company at the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire.
It was created out of a passion to make natural skincare products using ingredients that are good for your skin & to make products that are enjoyable to use.

No fillers

It’s all good

Products are never bulked out with fillers and everything has been added for a specific skin loving benefit. Our soaps are not drying and will give you plenty of bubbles, no added chemicals necessary.



Every single one of our products is vegan friendly.

No Animal Testing

No Animal Testing, ever.

We will never test our products on animals and only buy our ingredients from reputable companies who share our values.

Sustainable ethics

Sustainable ethics

When we buy ingredients such as palm oil we ensure we are buying from responsible companies who only source their products from certifiably sustainable sources. Some soap companies completely exclude products like Palm oil but I believe we need to support the little guys who are making the effort to farm the responsible way. There are many communities who depend on the income from sustainable palm oil and if we all supported the farmers who were being responsible and avoid the ones who are actually doing the damage we would be able to keep using these ingredients guilt free. All it takes is a little research into who the sustainable farmers are, and it will not only help support the right way of farming, but will continue to help support those families and their values.