Cherry Love Soya Candle in Tin


Sweet cherry, delicious hints of almond and sugary macaroon blended together to make this candle's cheery fragrance.

Its sugary sweet scent is particularly lovely in the living room or kitchen.

Will burn for 25-30 hours.

Tip: Simply place the lid back on when ready to put out the candle. It will put out the flame and trap the smoke. No more smoke filled rooms ruining your lovely candle scent. Just be careful not to handle the container as it is likely hot from the wax.

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Some of the reasons you will love these candles:

  1. Our wax holds the scent better than normal (paraffin) wax.
  2. Excellent at filling even large rooms with fragrance.
  3. An average burn time of 25-30 hours!
  4. Our soya wax will burn cleaner without soot build-up.
  5. If spilled will clean up easily with warm soapy water.
  6. Vegan Friendly! Just pure soya wax and fragrance.